About Us

Minerva International Freight Forwarders Association - in short M.I.F.F.A. - is an elite group of first-class freight forwarding companies in 170 + locations, all enjoying exclusivity in the region or state they have applied and/or been nominated for.

MIFFA-members combine the worldwide coverage of multinationals with the superior service only family owned or small to medium-sized companies can provide.

MIFFA-members know in our group, QUALITY prevails on quantity which all members highly appreciate, you will soon learn this through being informed of our valued members fidelity.

Within the last 18 months we have hugely invested in MIFFA expanding all areas of the business and have future plans to continue our growth.

Meet The Team

Gary Minshull

Gary Minshull

Managing Director

Mathijs Gommers

Mathijs Gommers


Ellie Minshull

Ellie Minshull

International Company Manager

Andre Van Lancker


We are an intimate team here at MIFFA who are passionate about our company values and the success of our members. We pride ourselves on being excellent customer service representatives and our core passion is to make your job easier.

The MIFFA team understanding that responding to your customers and partners in an efficient time and manor is crucial for the success of repeat business. Therefore, are available 24/7 for any urgent assistance, please find our contact details below:

Gary Minshull: +44 7802 231930
Ellie Minshull: +44 7870 803270