Join Us - Key Benefits


We are different from the rest and let us tell you why ... Quality will always prevail over quantity for us as we want to ensure security for our members, not unreliability.

We are always looking to grow our network but we will only do so with the right partners, Partners that choose to work with the same morals and reputation as our MIFFA family. We understand how import customer service is for your business and customers, so we make sure we are a network that upholds the reputation of A*quality Logistic partners that you can trust and rely on.

The MIFFA board are passionate about our company values and most of all the success of our members. We pride ourselves on being excellent customer service representatives and being available 24/7 for our members with our core passion being to make your job easier.

It is important to choose your family carefully. The quality of connections you choose to work alongside will determine the satisfaction of your customers.

We hope to hear from you with your interest to develop your business connections further.


Our aim is to help your company grow saving your valuable time and efforts in doing so. The stronger connections we build the stronger business we have together. With our hardworking efforts and with the good heart of caring about our members and each other, we will certainly share our success.

Our platform is designed to deliver our elite members the information they need in an efficient time frame to help your business grow.

MIFFA's Benefits

When joining MIFFA you are not just joining a Logistic Network, you are joining our family, and when a part of the MIFFA family you will be:

  • Enhancing the growth of your business
  • Working alongside reliable, trustworthy, and strong worldwide partners
  • Gaining valuable knowledge and documentation
  • Having access to additional HBL service (members only)
  • Having exclusivity for your region you have applied for
  • Financial protection
  • Conferences- No need to travel to many of the world’s countries and cities to meet new agents, we bring them to one place to meet you
  • Connecting with elite partners around the globe- we connect with the top agents in the world and continue to grow our network globally
  • Have 24/7 customer service support- our professional team is always in contact to assist you
  • Fast connections - We have a group chat where updates will be added and connections between members are easily accessed
  • No competition in our family- we select only one member per region/state to be our sole representative for this territory, eliminating any competition.
  • Your company name and logo will be announced to all existing members once joined with information about your services.
  • Your company will be promoted as our sole representative for that region/state.
  • New members participate in a slide show at our AGM event to promote your business and services to all members and gain acknowledgment.

As you can see the benefits your company will receive when becoming a MIFFA member are endless and will all contribute to the growth of your business.

If you think MIFFA is the right family for you, do not hesitate any longer and contact us today.

Together we are stronger!


Candidates can apply for air and/or ocean and/or land transport and/or Rail transport membership in any major seaport, airport, or economical/industrial region they have an office in. Members can get exclusivity for the activity they have applied for provided they have their own in-house staff to ensure service(s) required.

Members who do not attend the Annual General Meeting for two or more consecutive years and have no valid reason for it automatically loose the exclusivity they applied for.

Additional Offered Documentation – Members Only

We additionally have our own, FMC-approved HBL. So, if you are having difficulties with Tariff-Filing, AMS, ACI or insurance? MIFFA is ready to assist.

Finance protection

Our MUTUAL PROTECTION PLAN protects you against insolvency of fellow-members for up to $10,000.00

Renewal of Membership

Membership and renewals must be paid within 30 days of date of invoice. Failing to do so may result in loss of exclusivity.

Termination of Membership

If a member wants to resign from the association, a 3-month notice is required. MIFFA-HQ can terminate membership of a company with immediate effect in case of unacceptable actions like conviction, fraud, non-payment a.o.. The Member concerned can appeal against the exclusion via the President, who will arbitrate in joint commission with the Board of Directors.

Membership Terms and Conditions

  • Applicants must complete online membership form
  • Your company has been trading for at least 3 years
  • Be sponsored by an existing MIFFA-member or be recommended by an officially recognized organization (Chamber of Commerce, IATA, FIATA...)
  • Have a proven track record of their professionalism in the area for which they want to obtain exclusivity
  • Applicant must send scanned copies of all business and professional certificates if requested
  • Commit to obey and respect the laws of the countries in / with which they are trading, as well as any other national and international agreements governing the transportation and logistics industry
  • Commit to pay any dues to MIFFA within 30 days of date of invoice
  • Commit to pay any monies owed to fellow MIFFA members within 30 days or within any other period agreed upon between parties involved
  • Commit to attend the Annual General Meeting (see "Exclusivity")
  • Commit to actively work with at least 20% of their fellow MIFFA members
  • Refrain from back-selling on any fellow MIFFA member
  • Reply to any request of fellow MIFFA members within 24 hours or the next working day at the latest
  • Applicant must not have been blacklisted in freight deadbeats or any other websites
  • Commit to respect all Rules, Regulations and Ethics of the Group

Failing to obey the aforementioned rules, the AGM attendance one in special – may result in loosing exclusivity or, in the worst case, being excluded from MIFFA Group.