Rules, Regulations and Ethics of MIFFA Membership


• Candidates can apply for air and/or ocean and/or land transport membership in any major seaport, airport or economical/industrial region they have an office in. • Members can get exclusivity for the activity they have applied for provided they do have their own in-house staff to ensure service(s) required. • Members who do not attend the Annual General Meeting and have no valid reason for it automatically loose the exclusivity they applied for.

In regions of over 5 million people, one additional member can be nominated.


Candidate-members must:
• be in business for at least 3 years • be sponsored by an existing MIFFA-member or be recommended by an officially recognized organization (Chamber of Commerce, IATA, FIATA...) • have a proven track record of their professionalism in the area for which they want to obtain exclusivity • commit to respect all Rules, Regulations and Ethics of the Group. • complete the application form (View Application)

Expiry and Renewal
Unless otherwise agreed, membership goes from acceptance till December 31st the first year and is automatically renewed / due per entire calendar year. Membership and renewals must be paid within 30 days of date of invoice. Failing to do so may result in loss of exclusivity.

Termination of membership
If a member wants to resign from the association, a 3 month notice is required. MIFFA-HQ can terminate membership of a company with immediate effect in case of unacceptable actions like conviction, fraud, non-payment a.o.. The Member concerned can appeal against the exclusion via the President, who will arbitrate in joint commission with the Board of Directors.

Rules & Ethics

MIFFA members
• commit to obey and respect the laws of the countries in / with which they are trading, as well as any other national and international agreements governing the transportation and logistics industry. • commit to pay any dues to MIFFA within 30 days of date of invoice. • commit to pay any monies owed to fellow MIFFA members within 30 days or within any other period agreed upon between parties involved. • commit to attend the Annual General Meeting (see item 1. Exclusivity). • commit to actively work with at least 20% of their fellow MIFFA members. • refrain from back-selling on any fellow MIFFA member. • reply to any request of fellow MIFFA members within 24 hours or the next working day at the latest.

Failing to obey above rules - the one on AGM attendance in special – may result in loosing exclusivity as mentioned in the last paragraph of item. Or in the worst case - being excluded from MIFFA Group.

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