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MIFFA's Virtual Meeting

Posted on: Monday 19th April 2021

Unforfuently this year we were not able to have our AGM in Miami take place, but that did not stop us all connecting with each other!

A Virtual General Conference was set up to enable all of our MIFFA members to network and share knowledge and catch up with the latest Logistic news from other global partners.

Our VGM was appreciated by all and we had some great feedback form members which we have shared below:

> "We really appreciated the virtual event, that provided a great opportunity to meet again all the agents and also know new partners, in a year that was not possible to meet the agents in person. We believe that Miffa found a very good solution to keep the members connected and also to approximate and create new business opportunities. We also really appreciated the option of a second attendee; it gave the opportunity to more people of our team to join the meetings and meet everybody."

> "You did a FANTASTIC job, especially in tough times. The conference was executed perfectly and it was very enjoyable."

> "Fully enjoyed the meetings"

> "It was great to meet with all the members. It was nice to do it to keep in touch. Furthermore, besides the annual meeting, maybe we could arrange for an online conference such as this as well."

We are glad that the members that participated our VGM thought it was beneficial to their business and enjoyed having contact with their fellow family members, new and existing. The MIFFA team are looking forward to seeing everyone in Miami in 2022 for our in person AGM.

In the meantime, we wish you all to stay safe and if you have any queries wishing to join our elite MIFFA family and be a part of an exclusive network, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


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