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What to consider when looking to join a new network

Posted on: Wednesday 1st December 2021

Not all networks work on the same basis, which in some way is a good thing, so you can tailor the network to your company’s needs. Some networks pride themselves in being the largest networks, others, tailor to specifying in niche markets and are a lot smaller. It is all about considering what works best for your company enabling you to reach your goals.

Associations like IATA and FIATA are not networks, they are listings of companies. Networks are groups of business, all sharing the same interests to grow and evolve new opportunities, sharing resources and support to enable development to happen.

How do you know you are in the right network? It is easy to be pulled in by the low/no cost memberships, but what does that prove? What level of commitment do you think they bring to the rest of the group?

When finding that right network for you, you will notice a lot of companies promoting quality, without actually explain what that means within their network. A couple of examples for you; A large network that prides itself on having thousands of members as it’s "quality" and meanwhile, this might generate many quote requests, are you having the quality of members that will be looking for a longstanding business relationship showing a high standard of service, reliability and trust, or the cheapest quote? Another example, networks that entice you in with discounted/free membership fees. A quality that might not give you the security for your business as possibly having low standards of entry as an attempt to build their network.

Nowadays being in the industry of networking, we are being faced with groups promoting heavily discounted/ free memberships, but what level of commitment does this provide to the rest of the group? Does this create a common bond of commitment to everyone working together? It is important that for a network to strive, it must have a level of commitment from all its members.

MIFFA has been this network space since 2006, and we pride ourselves on the quality of members that we have, and that is because they all have a level of commitment to the MIFFA family. There is no doubt if we were to advertise heavily discounted/ free memberships we would have a lot more members, but as we say quality prevails on quantity for us!

It is proven by our MIFFA members that strong relationships built with good companies creates great business. This is far more successful when you share the same of commitment and the common goal of building longstanding business relationships.

There are lots of networks out there that you are able to be a part of, it is just knowing what one works best for you and stands by the same morals. So, before joining a new network, it might be worth considering their approach. It is not worth being in a network that costs you the minimum but you are having to work with your hands behind your back.

We all know that low cost doesn’t mean best value. In fact, in the end, it can it could waist a lot of your time and money.

We hope the above advice from the MIFFA board puts your thoughts into perspective and with that you consider finding more out about our elite Logistic network.

Best regards,

The MIFFA Board