MINERVA INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDERS ASSOCIATION is an exclusive group of select, independent forwarding companies, working together under the MIFFA and/or MINERVA LINE tradename and logo.

MIFFA-members combine the worldwide coverage of multinationals with the superior service only family owned companies can provide.

History, Founders & Partners

Minerva International Freight Forwarders Association – in short “MIFFA” was founded in 2006 by three Belgians, all “veterans” in the shipping industry:

André Van Lancker started his career in 1969 with Nedlloyd, changed for the airfreight sector in 1990, and went on his own as independant logistics consultant in 1998.

Maria Van Meenen started in 1974 in her father’s company and went on her own in 1979 before starting Dissaco in 1992.

Mathijs Gommers joined us as partner in 2013 after co-founder Jean De Keyser retired in Florida. Started in 1990, Mathijs is the first of a new generation to come on board.

Name & Logo

Connoisseurs of classic cars will recognize Minerva as the name of an exclusive car made in Antwerp, worldwide appreciated for its luxury and quality to the extent even Henry Ford himself bought one!

With the same roots and ideas, founders chose Minerva as trade-name for the Group.

Our logo suggests worldwide traffics to/from all points of the compass.


Our objective is to bring independantly owned logistics companies from all over the world together under the MIFFA-umbrella, establish business solutions, stimulate cooperation between fellow-members and safeguard the long-term interests of all parties concerned.


To grow your business, agents worldwide, documentation, exclusivity, finance, and sales are some of your concerns. MIFFA-membership covers all these.

Agents worldwide

Started in 2006, MIFFA-members today enjoy exclusivity in more than 160 locations worldwide.


MIFFA has its own, FMC-approved HBL under the name of MINERVA LINE. Difficulties with Tariff-Filing, AMS, ACI or insurance? MIFFA is ready to assist.


Candidates can apply for exclusive membership in their region for airfreight and/or ocean freight and/or land transport. Region: any airport, seaport or major economical / industrial area.


Our MUTUAL PROTECTION PLAN protects you against insolveny of fellow-members.


MIFFA-membership includes free-of-charge use of a data-bank, providing Business Expertise and Import/Export information on 5.110.933 companies in 66 countries.


2007 - Antwerp
2008 - Lisboa
2009 - Tunis
2010 - Delhi
2011 - Quebec
2012 - Colombo
2013 - Barcelona
2014 - Kuala Lumpur
2015 - Istanbul
2016 - Antwerp
2017 - Manila


27 Okt. 2017, Vilnius - Successful Project Implementation as the Outcome of Coherent Cooperation

In 2017 the company ABIPA logistics, jointly with Helisota, international provider of integrated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for rotorcraft aviation, has implemented several projects of helicopter transportation with further projects yet planned ahead.

Helicopter shipping can usually be divided into 2 parts: delivery from the place of operation to the MRO site and back to the place of operation. This long process has to be carefully organized and continually managed.

One of the more unique over-sized freight forwarding projects was transportation of a helicopter from Kathmandu (Nepal), located at 1,400 m above sea level, to Helisota Service Center in Kaunas. Overcoming almost 1,000 km of complicated routes over the mountains up to Calcutta (India), the freight was loaded onto the vessel to Port of Klaipeda, and using land transport finally reached Kaunas.

After the conclusion of all necessary repair works and successful testing, it has been loaded and left the Port of Klaipeda.

About ABIPA Logistics

ABIPA is a reliable international Freight forwarding company focused on the Russian and the CIS market. APIBA's serves CIS and Baltic markets with logistics solutions and quality solutions that help clients businesses grow and develop focusing on long-term partnerships and trust. ABIPA is the link between producers and consumers for global goods, providing optimal combination of logistics services.

Raimonda Mikalajuniene
Marketing Manager
ABIPA Logistics, UAB phone: +370 671 01718

26 Sep. 2017 - TWT (Transworld Transportation Co Ltd) has received approval starting the one belt, one road service, and the 1st train service from Qiqihar, China via Manchuria to Europe with effect. On 25th September, 2017. A starting ceremony in Qiqihar, Li Hai Tao, Governor and Party Secretary Sun Kun, government leaders, and all business representatives will attend the ceremony.

2015-2016, China to Europe, via Manchuria port up to 1036 scheduled train in and out with a total of 73,000 TEU, reach the destination in Russia, Belarus, and mainly in Eastern Europe. Based on this construction of international land port in Qiqihar, build Qiqihar Sino-Russian, Sino-EU international freight, and the trade hub of the city.

China -Qiqihar- Manchuria - Europe train (Qi- Man- Ou) major operations investor Transworld Transportation group, who is the MIFFA international freight forwarder Alliance member and joint international transportation limited shareholder company. Transworld Transportation International (Taiwan) Corporation has 30 years of international experience in the transportation industry, and its branch office in major cities in Southeast Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Is the third largest logistics service providers in America and the fourth-largest service provider in Europe.

  1. Rotation:
    • From China: Qiqihar - Manchuria - Hamburg - Yekaterinburg - Moscow
    • From Europe: Hamburg - Manchuria - Qiqihar.
    • Moscow - Yekaterinburg - Manchuria - Qiqihar
  2. Export products
    • Europe: frozen berries, organic vegetables
    • Russia: fruit and vegetables, meat products, frozen vegetables, frozen berries.
      (According to Qiqihar production growing by category)
  3. Import products
    • Red wine, meat products, dairy products, milk, milk powder and so on.
  4. Designed schedule train
    • Provisional monthly 2 scheduled train, with a total of 48 a year (depending on the market conditions to decide whether additional);
    • Operation stage (within first 6 months) train to the mixed mode of shipment, including cold chain transport 1/3, general cargo 2/3;
    • Operating medium-term (after 6 months - A year) train to the mixed mode of shipment, including cold chain transport 1/2, general cargo 1/2
    • General operation 1 year later, train transport with full cold chain (1 scheduled train/per week).


For any question on MIFFA or MINERVA LINE, please contact our HQ:

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Puttenhoflaan 8A
B-2970 Schilde (Antwerp)
Phone:++ 32 – (0)3 – 326.27.37
Fax:++ 32 – (0)3 – 326.69.75
Web:http://www.miffa-group.com & http://www.minerva-line.com

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